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Is Invisalign in Las Cruces or Braces Right for You?

May 29, 2018

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clear alignersNo matter how much you’ve tried to improve the way you feel about your smile, you still don’t like it. There are not enough whitening strips in the world to make you love the way that your teeth sit on top of one another rather than in a straight row. That’s right—those crooked teeth are still affecting your self-esteem.

Luckily, Invisalign in La Cruces offers a better, more modern way to straighten teeth without compromising your aesthetics like traditional orthodontics. But that’s not all—there are many other benefits to this innovative orthodontic treatment. Continue reading to learn more.


Can Your Dentist in La Cruces Help You Find Oral Cancer?

April 13, 2018

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man dental painWhen you hear “cancer,” there are too many people that may be able to relate. Someone’s mother has had it, brother passed away from it, or even a friend of a friend might have even been diagnosed. Unfortunately, cancer is a disease that is taking a toll on today’s society—and your dentist in Las Cruces doesn’t want you to be the next victim.

In fact, this blog post is to spread awareness of an all-too-familiar orofacial disease: oral cancer. Too many patients are affected by it, even though it’s so simple to avoid and treat early on with regular cancer screenings! Learn more about the importance of oral cancer screenings in this week’s blog post.


Your Cosmetic Dentist in Las Cruces Says You Deserve Smile Perfection!

March 10, 2018

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woman embarrassed covering her mouthWhen it comes to your teeth, you’re not the only person who’s concerned with their appearance. A recent study shows that over 30 percent of Americans say the first thing they notice about a person is his or her smile. Thus, it can be a little stressful when you know that you have aesthetic flaws, but what can you do about it? Your cosmetic dentist in Las Cruces says there are a host of methods available to deliver smile perfection, which you’ll learn more about as you continue reading.


Can Your Dentist in Las Cruces Help Prevent Heart Disease?

February 6, 2018

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senior couple smilingDo you exercise daily? After all, your regular doctor told you that 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 to 4 times a week will do the heart good, right?

What if you found out that if you didn’t take care of the rest of your body—like your smile—that you could still be risking your heart health? It’s true! There have been studies that show a correlation between gum disease and heart disease.

If you would like to avoid this fate, continue reading this week’s blog post from your dentist in Las Cruces.


Your Dentist in Las Cruces Says This is Your Year for Excellent Oral Health

January 2, 2018

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list with resolution at topIt’s natural for you to feel a degree of excitement as one year comes to a close, and you stand in anticipation of a new calendar cycle. Two words really come to mind: change and possibility. You think about what you want to be different in the upcoming year and all the opportunities that wait just over the horizon. Your dentist in Las Cruces reminds you, though, of a very simple goal that you should set for the year – one that will represent change and will deliver definite results. He says that when you decide to make excellent dental wellness and preventive dentistry priorities, you won’t have to just hope for results, because you will be actively working to manifest them.  Learn more about how excellent oral health is one of the greatest gifts to give yourself.


This Dentist in Las Cruces Explains Halitosis

December 16, 2017

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woman smiling happyDid you know that 65 percent of American adults have bad breath on a regular basis? Chronic bad breath may be embarrassing and something that you don’t want to talk about, but it affects more people than many know.

Because chronic bad breath is such an epidemic, your dentist in Las Cruces is here to discuss how to keep it away and treat it when necessary.


My Tooth Hurts – Do I Need a Root Canal of Las Cruces?

December 9, 2017

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holding her jaw from tooth painYou love to eat apples, but today something went wrong. When you bit down and began to chew, a sudden, sharp pain shot through the right side of your mouth. You know that it was more than sensitivity to temperature because your apple wasn’t cold, and the pain lingered for several seconds after you stopped chewing. This leaves you wondering whether something serious is going on with your mouth. Your dentist says there probably is and that you may need a root canal of Las Cruces. Read on to learn more about this procedure and why it’s used.


Learn the Lingo of Dental Implants With Your Dentist in Las Cruces

November 20, 2017

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A patient discusses dental implants with her doctor.



So, you’ve either decided you want dental implants or that you want to learn more about them. Unfortunately, you don’t really know much about the process or what certain terms mean. Know this: dental implants are not the same as previous tooth replacements; they’re better.

Traditional tooth replacements only replace the visible portions of teeth. It’s also common for them to be mounted on preexisting teeth or mounted to your jawbone and gum tissue. Implants on the other hand, replace your entire tooth and simultaneously restore the roots underneath your tooth. Let your dentist in Las Cruces break down some of the terminology for dental implants. (more…)

Electric vs Traditional: Which One Does Your Dentist in Las Cruces Recommend?

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A man compares an electric toothbrush to a traditional one.Yes, you’ve seen the commercials of electric toothbrushes bursting out of water. They display all the bristles and types of heads available for the brush. As enticing as it they may look, you’re left with a question: how do electric toothbrushes really compare to traditional ones?

Over the years you like to think you’ve gotten pretty good with a toothbrush, but perhaps you’re tired of the old back and forth method of brushing. As absurd as it sounds, brushing teeth shouldn’t take that much energy. You’re not the only one; your dentist in Las Cruces thinks the switch is worth it. (more…)

Your Dentist in Las Cruces Will Help You Maximize Your Dental Insurance

October 26, 2017

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Dental insurance formThe health of your teeth and gums is important to you, which is why you take the time each day to brush and floss. You even pay monthly premiums for dental coverage. However, while you have dental benefits, you are not visiting your dentist in Las Cruces as often as you should. Do not worry, more than 36% of adults are not either. However, as the end of the year approaches, you may want to reconsider delaying your next appointment. If you do not use your remaining benefits before the start of the new year, you will lose them.

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