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Dentist in Las Cruces Shares Tips for Healthy Holiday Smile

November 16, 2018

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Holiday family dinner

As the temperature begins to drop and the festive lights go up, families and loved ones across the country are gathering to celebrate the holiday season together. This time of year is filled with feelings of joy, gratitude and… feeling stuffed! From pumpkin pie to sugar cookies, tasty foods and treats abound during the holidays. However, all that sugar can put your teeth at risk of tooth decay. Developing a cavity is sure to put a damper on your holiday spirit. Fortunately, a dentist in Las Cruces is here to help. Follow the preventive dental care tips below to maintain a happy, healthy smile this holiday season.


Your Dentist in Las Cruces Says This is Why Your Jaw Hurts

October 8, 2018

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older man holding jaws in painWhen you open your jaw to speak or chew food, have you noticed a clicking sound or pain? If so, your dentist in Las Cruces says you could be suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, a condition over 20 million Americans suffer from. As you read on, you’ll learn what the disorder entails, its symptoms and how your dentist can treat it.


Smile Perfection with Teeth Whitening from Your Dentist in Las Cruces!

September 25, 2018

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woman smiling before and after whiteningWhen you meet new people, at least a third of them will notice the condition of your teeth before anything else. If you have smile flaws like stains and discoloration, you risk making a poor first impression, and you will lack the confidence that you need. Thankfully, there is a remedy – teeth whitening from your dentist in Las Cruces. As you read on, you’ll learn how the process works and the different treatment options available from your cosmetic dentist.


Don’t Waste Your Benefits – Visit Your Dentist in Las Cruces!

September 15, 2018

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health insurance form with stethoscopeAs you approach the last quarter of the year, you’re looking to shore up different aspects of your life. Your dentist in Las Cruces says one of the things that should be high on your priority list is visiting for preventive care. As you continue reading, you’ll learn why these appointments are so important and why time is of the essence when it comes to visiting your local professional.


Your Dentist Explains How to Care for Dental Implants in Las Cruces

August 30, 2018

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older man smiling in dentist chairDental implants in Las Cruces offer a way to restore missing teeth using surgically inserted posts that attach to the underlying jawbone. They provide a sturdy foundation that supports the entire facial structure and prevents a host of unwanted issues like premature aging and bone loss while allowing patients to enjoy the quality of life they once had. For implants to be as effective as they can be, though, requires that they be cared for properly. As you read on, you’ll learn the ways to do that.


Dentist in Las Cruces Shares Risks of Skipping Dental Visits

July 26, 2018

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Calendar with dental appointmentYou look at the calendar, rub your eyes, and then look again. However, the calendar does not lie: today is your biannual dental checkup. It is easy for time to sneak up on you, and with work, errands and picking up the kids from school, it can be tempting to just skip the trip to the dentist altogether. You certainly would not be the first to do so: according to the Commonwealth Fund, more than 1 in 3 U.S. adults skipped a routine dental visit in 2016. However, with each passing day cavities can grow and dental problems can worsen without professional intervention. So, before you decide to ditch the routine dental checkup, consider these facts from a dentist in Las Cruces.   (more…)

Scared of Seeing a Dentist in Las Cruces? It’s Okay – You Have Options!

July 8, 2018

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Woman covering her mouth at the dentistEveryone, regardless of their age, is afraid of something. Unfortunately, fear is one of those emotions that doesn’t respond to logic. Dental phobia is a great example: Even though you know (on an intellectual level) that it isn’t dangerous to be in the dental chair, your body still reacts as if you’re being chased by a saber-toothed tiger! But since so much of your quality of life depends on good oral health, dental care isn’t something you can avoid. The good news is that you have multiple options for managing your fear and still getting the care you need from a dentist in Las Cruces. Keep reading to learn about some tips and tricks for dental phobia and also which sedation options are available!


When to Call Your Emergency Dentist in Las Cruces

June 29, 2018

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Woman holding mouth in painAfter a long Friday morning meeting at work, you and your coworkers head out to eat lunch at your favorite nearby restaurant. The weekend has almost arrived, and the Las Cruces sun is shining. As the table conversation revolves around everyone’s weekend plans, you dive expectantly into your salad – but suddenly, you bite down on something hard and pain shoots through your mouth. The culprit? A hidden olive still with the pit, which has just cracked your tooth.

Accidents happen when we least expect them – and when they involve harm to our teeth, they can cause high levels of pain and should be handled immediately. If you are worried about what to do if you injure your teeth or mouth, do not panic – your emergency dentist in Las Cruces has all the information you need to know below.


Gaps in Your Smile? Dental Implants in Las Cruces Can Help!

June 14, 2018

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Dental implantIn a row of bright, white teeth, the dark empty space where a tooth is missing can really stand out. If you are one of the 120 million Americans that is missing a tooth according to the American College of Prosthodontists, chances are you may feel embarrassed to smile, laugh or even speak around others. Missing teeth and incomplete smiles can do real damage to a person’s self-esteem, but thankfully there are solutions available. If you are searching for a reliable way to fill the gaps in your smile, read on to find out if dental implants in Las Cruces are right for you. (more…)

Is Invisalign in Las Cruces or Braces Right for You?

May 29, 2018

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clear alignersNo matter how much you’ve tried to improve the way you feel about your smile, you still don’t like it. There are not enough whitening strips in the world to make you love the way that your teeth sit on top of one another rather than in a straight row. That’s right—those crooked teeth are still affecting your self-esteem.

Luckily, Invisalign in La Cruces offers a better, more modern way to straighten teeth without compromising your aesthetics like traditional orthodontics. But that’s not all—there are many other benefits to this innovative orthodontic treatment. Continue reading to learn more.


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