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Las Cruces Children’s Dentistry

Smiling mother father and two children outdoors At Painted Skies Dental Center, we welcome patients of all ages, and that include kids. Our skilled dentists and caring dentistry team offer a variety of safe, effective, kid-friendly dental care. If you’re new to Las Cruces or looking for a dental office that can accommodate your whole family, look no further. Give our team a call to find out more or schedule a visit for yourself, your child, or set aside a block of appointments for the whole family. We can’t wait to get to know parents and kids and help them achieve and maintain their healthiest smiles.

Your Child’s First Appointment

Smiling young boy with bracesYou little one should first visit us around the age of one or directly following the eruption of their first tooth. During this early appointment, you’ll hold your little one in your lap. We will gently examine their developing teeth and gums. If we notice any signs for concern, we may recommend you visit a specialist. Otherwise, you can continue to bring your child to see us throughout their dental development. Once they’re old enough to better understand their surroundings, one of our team member will take kids on a tour of the office. We’ll describe the different tools and technologies they may encounter, introduce them to team members, and answer their questions. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment where your child will feel at home and establish the foundation for a lifetime of positive dentistry experiences.

Dental Sealants

Girl receiving digital dental x-raysOne of the easiest ways to reduce risk for tooth decay is to receive dental sealants. These preventive treatments can be performed as part of any dental exam. We simply apply a thin coat of sealant to the surfaces of teeth. The sealant seeps into the smallest pits and grooves. Then, we harden the sealant into place, creating a physical barrier between teeth and dental plaque and bacteria.

Fluoride Treatment

Smiling girl in dental chair holding x-raysFluoride is necessary to help kids develop and maintain healthy teeth. For those young patients who are prone to decay, we may recommend topical fluoride treatments during dental checkups. These fast, painless applications take just a few extra minutes at the end of your appointment. We simply apply a thin coat of fluoride gel to the surfaces of your child’s teeth where this necessary mineral will go to work strengthening your little one’s smile.

Athletic Mouthguards

Kids who play sports where their teeth will come into contact with other players, equipment, or hard surfaces should wear athletic mouthguards during every event or practice. While over the counter guards offer adequate protection, they aren’t always very comfortable. That means kids are less likely to wear them. Instead, let our team make your child a personalized guard to protect their smiles. These comfortable sportsguards offer superior comfort and protection.

Emergency Dental Care

Patients can experience dental emergencies at any age, but let’s face it, kids are accident prone. If your little one falls and busts a lip or cracks a tooth, give us a call. In most cases, we’re able to see you on the day you contact us. We can also walk you through first aid and pain management to keep kids safe and comfortable during their dental appointments.

Wisdom Teeth Assessment & Removal

Around the age of eleven or twelve, wisdom teeth will begin to develop below the gum line. As they grow, we’ll monitor them for signs of oral health concerns. When wisdom teeth are unable to erupt, shift surrounding teeth, or cause other oral health concerns, we can also provide wisdom tooth extraction.