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Dental Implants Supported Tooth Replacement in Las Cruces

red haired women smilingTraditional tooth replacement options restore only the visible portions of teeth leaving the jawbone and gum tissue without support or stimulation which may cause gradual loss of tissue density. Additionally, most other forms of tooth replacement are anchored to remaining healthy teeth or supported by the jawbone and gum tissue which puts excessive pressure on these structures potentially leading to further tooth loss. The best long term tooth replacement options are dental implant supported prosthetics as these solutions restore the entire tooth roots and all. Dental implant posts are inserted below the gum line where they mimic the underlying root structures supporting any number of replacement teeth. We work closely with a trusted specialist to plan and place the appropriate number of implant posts, and once patients have fully healed following dental implant placement, they return to Painted Skies Dental Center in Las Cruces to have a custom restoration attached to their implants. Contact our knowledgeable team to find out more or schedule a dental implant consultation today.

Implant Restorations

Once the dental implant is placed, patients need to wait three to six months on average. During this period of rest, the implant fuses with the jawbone, the supportive alveolar bone and gum tissue regrow and attach to the post, and inflammation in the soft tissue around the implantation site is reduced allowing for the comfortable placement of any number replacement teeth. For single missing teeth, we attach a dental crown to an individual implant. When patients are missing two teeth in a row, we typically create two dental crowns fused together that are attached to a single dental implant. Those patients missing three to four consecutive teeth will likely need a fixed bridge which consists of three or four prosthetic teeth crafted as a single unit and supported on either end by a dental implant post.

Implant-Retained Dentures

We recommend implant-retained partial or full dentures for those patients who experience more extensive tooth loss. Implant supported partials look much like their traditional counterparts consisting of a number of teeth set into a gum colored base, but rather than being held in place by clasps attached to surrounding teeth, they are held in position by a strategic number of dental implant posts for a more natural look and feel. Full dentures traditionally are held in place through suction between the denture and the gums, but implant supported dentures offer superior support and stability by anchoring the denture to four or more dental implant posts.