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Your Oral Health Care Partner. For Life.

Our goal is simple: to be your family’s oral health care provider for life. We accomplish this through a commitment to excellence in every sense of the phrase. From our state-of-the-art dental office to our extraordinary customer service, we are always conscious of your wants, needs and desires—and our team’s job isn’t done until you’re smiling.

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We’re in the Business of Relationships

At Painted Skies Dental Center, our mission is to provide the highest quality dentistry available in a comfortable, cheerful, and caring atmosphere. Las Cruces, NM dentists, Drs. Ramon and Natalie Ortiz, pride themselves on providing a relaxed, stress-free environment where the whole family can feel at ease, and we are 100% committed to your wants, needs, and smile goals. Most importantly, you will not be pressured to make decisions about your health that you are not comfortable with. We are here to educate, discuss your options, and provide the treatment you feel is right for you. It is your mouth, your body, and you are in control!

Meet Our Dentists
Las Cruces dentists, Drs Natalie Ortiz and Ramon Ortiz
Natalie J. Ortiz, DDS | Ramon M. Ortiz, DDS

5-Star Experiences & Ecstatic Smiles.

“Everyone went out of their way to help me! Heather at the front desk provided the best service I have ever had anywhere! I am so lucky to have found this place! And the lady that took my x-rays went out of her way to make me as comfortable as possible. The dentist was also kind and helpful. This was the best experience I have ever had at a dentist. I will return for all my dental needs!!” John D., Sonoma Ranch, NM

“Amazing!! I normally don't like to go to the dentist, but Dr. Ramon was wonderful!! The staff was so friendly and really helped me relax! Dr. Ortiz is very knowledgeable and explains things so well! I can't wait to go back!! Thanks for the great experience!” Katrina C., Las Alturas, NM

“Everyone associated with Painted Sky's is great! They are always friendly and professional. Both Dr. Ortiz' are amazing with both children and individuals with disabilities. I personally hate needles but with Painted Skies they take care to make sure their patients are comfortable and that all procedures are as painless as possible, even if it takes a little more time.” Mark J., High Range, NM

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Featured Dental Services

mother and daughter embracing and smiling with straight teeth

A Straight Smile with Invisalign®

Traditional braces can be a mess. Uncomfortable, unsightly wires and brackets make it hard to smile, eat, laugh, and can lower self-esteem. Enter Invisalign®—the revolutionary orthodontic system that uses clear aligners to gradually shift teeth into alignment. Because Invisalign® is removable, patients enjoy the convenience of taking out trays when eating and brushing teeth. And because they’re virtually invisible, straightening your smile has never been so discreet. Schedule a complimentary consultation today to see if you are a candidate!

Learn About Invisalign®
Cerec machine dental technology

Same-Day, Hi-Tech Convenience with CEREC®

CEREC® is revolutionizing the way dentists practice and changing how patients view oral care. Traditionally a cumbersome, multi-appointment process—getting a dental crown once consisted of messy impression material, wearing a temporary, and returning for the permanent restoration. With CEREC®, Drs. Ortiz can take all-digital impressions of your teeth, then create and seat a completely custom dental crown in only one visit. Dr. Ramon Ortiz is also a CEREC® Mentor and trains other dentists how to use this amazing technology.

Learn About CEREC®
family of four smiling after dentist appointment

Family Dentistry in One Visit

Dr. Ramon and Natalie Ortiz work exceptionally well with patients of all ages. And if you can line-up everyone’s schedule, we’ll find a spot to fit the whole family in! From little ones to grandparents, patients tell us they get excited about preventive dental care visits because our love of dentistry shines through every step of the way. We work hard to create a positive, friendly environment—getting to know our patients as people—and our team genuinely want to improve upon and help your family achieve excellent health.

Our Preventive Services
woman smiling after cosmetic dentistry treatment at Painted Skies Dental Center

Stunning Smiles with Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is the first thing others notice about you, and if it’s telling the wrong story you can be at a terrible disadvantage before a single word is even spoken. The good news is: it does not have to be this way. Dr. Ramon and Natalie Ortiz are exceptional at evaluating your oral health and creating a custom treatment plan to help achieve the stunning smile of your dreams. From porcelain veneers to Zoom! Whitening to dental implants, it is our goal to rejuvenate your smile and transform your outlook on life.

Our Cosmetic Options
Outside building view of the Painted Skies Dental Center

Completely Eliminate Jaw Pain & Headaches

If you wake up with a sore jaw and have frequent headaches and migraines throughout the day, you may be suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD/TMJ. Other symptoms such as ear, neck and facial pain signal the problem is definitely here to stay. It is no surprise why patients suffer from the debilitating effects—our busy lifestyles and stress are part to blame, while genetics also plays a role. Drs. Ramon and Natalie Ortiz can help manage this problem and get back to living a life free of pain and suffering—for good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are searching for a new dental practice, we invite you to check out Painted Skies Dental Center! We believe in building trusting relationships based on clear, honest communication, which is why we’ve provided answers to some of the most common questions that we’ve been asked by our patients. We hope they will help you decide to visit our experienced, passionate dental team soon.

How often should I visit the dentist?

Like the American Dental Association, we recommend at least two dental visits per year. By regularly coming to our office, you ensure that most dental problems are found and treated as early as possible. Plus, with a thorough cleaning every six months, you can avoid issues in the future!

Do you treat children?

Absolutely! We are happy to serve patients of any age from young children all the way to aging seniors. We strive to provide a comfortable, modern, and family-friendly office that is inviting for everyone.

Do you accept my dental insurance?

Our team members are experts at navigating through dental insurance and can help you maximize your coverage. We can explain your benefits to you and handle all claims on your behalf so that you’ll know exactly how much you’ll owe out-of-pocket.

Why should I consider straightening my teeth with Invisalign?

In addition to looking more appealing, straight teeth are much easier to keep clean and healthy. And thanks to Invisalign, realigning your teeth or bite doesn’t mean that you have to wear metal braces. In fact, these clear aligners are much more comfortable and work more quickly without sacrificing your appearance. We are proud to offer this service and look forward to helping you feel confident in your smile!

What is periodontal disease?

Otherwise known as gum disease, periodontal disease is an inflammatory infection in the gum tissue. It occurs when bacteria and plaque are allowed to build up around the gumline, causing bleeding, redness, swelling, and more. Without professional intervention, periodontal disease eventually leads to tooth loss. Our team can provide various treatments to get rid of the infection.

How can you help me overcome dental anxiety?

At Painted Skies Dental Center, our entire team takes pride in our ability to practice dentistry with a gentle touch and to put our patients at ease with our friendly, personal approach. However, we also offer sedation and anesthesia to take all stress out of dental visits with us.

Other than dental insurance, is there another way to keep my dental costs down?

If you don’t have dental insurance, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pay full price for your dental care. Painted Skies Dental Center offers in-house dental plans that can save you money! Basically, for annual fee, you’ll get free dental cleanings and checkups, X-rays, one emergency exam, and fluoride treatments and a discount on all other procedures, including dental implants. To learn more about our plans, just give us a call!

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