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Cigna Dental Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance on computer screenDental insurance coverage helps patients fit the cost of their necessary dental services into their budgets. At Painted Skies Dental Center in Las Cruces, we want to help patients make the most of their benefit plans. Our knowledgeable dental team members work with insurance policies on a daily basis, and we’ll be happy to help you review your policy to ensure your benefits are maximized. We offer in-network dental insurance coverage for a variety of insurers, including Cigna. If you have insurance coverage through Cigna or any other PPO benefit provider, let our dental team members know when you call to schedule an appointment in our Las Cruces dentistry practice. We’ll help you maximize your Cigna dental insurance benefits starting at your very first appointment.

How do Dental Benefit Plans Work?

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Your dental insurance plan represents a unique agreement between you and your insurer. Each month, you’ll pay a premium out of pocket. In exchange, the insurer offers coverage for a percentage of the costs of your necessary dentistry services. While each benefit plan is different, you can typically expect to receive the following coverage:

How Can I Maximize My Insurance Coverage?

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There are many ways you can make the most f your available dental benefits, including:

Do I Have to Visit an In-Network Dentist?

Smiling woman in dental chairPPO dental insurance plans are flexible, allowing you to choose the best dentist to meet your needs whether or not they are in-network with your insurer. However, when you do visit an in-network dentist, you know you’ll receive the maximum benefits and minimum out of pocket treatment costs. In-network dentists have standing agreements to charge fees for covered treatments that fit within your insurers fair and average pricing. Out of network dentists can charge higher fees for service, but you’ll need to pay the difference in pricing as well as the out of pocket costs of your treatment. When you choose an in-network dental office, you won’t need to worry about these additional fees.