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Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions

Senior woman eating green appleBefore embarking on the implant supported tooth replacement journey that can take months to complete, you will have questions. The friendly, knowledgeable dentist and team members at Painted Skies Dental Center are always happy to answer these questions and help you to better understand the treatment process. Our goal is to ensure you feel 100% confident before we ever begin your treatment plan. On this page, you’ll find basic answers to some of those questions we hear most often. However, this is by no means a comprehensive list. Please feel free to call our team or ask for more information during your treatment planning appointments in our Las Cruces dental office. We’re always here to help.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone replacing tooth roots following the loss of one or more teeth.

What Materials are Dental Implants Made From?

Dentist showing patient dental implant post

Dental implants are available in a variety of metals, ceramics, and polymers. We will most often recommend high quality, time-tested titanium implant posts. However, for those patients who have metal allergies or sensitivities, a zirconia implant may be a better option.

What is the Implant Placement Procedure Like?

Your implant placement surgery is actually minimally invasive and completed quickly and comfortably. We numb the area around the empty socket. Then, a small incision is made into the soft tissue. Your implant post is placed. A protective cap is attached to the implant post. Then, you’ll wait for three to six months in order to allow the implantation site to fully heal and the implant post to fuse with the gums before returning to our office to receive your final replacement tooth or teeth.

How Many Implant posts do I Need?

Man receiving dental treatment

The number of implant posts you need depends on how many teeth are missing and where they’re located in your smile. We will usually recommend the following:

Are Dental Implants Expensive?

The cost of dental implants varies based on a number of factors, including the material, manufacturer, and size of the post. In most cases, a single implant post will cost between $500 and $3,000. Our team can help you to plan for the out of pocket costs of implant supported tooth replacement.

Will My Implant Supported Tooth Replacement Last Forever?

Smiling older woman exercising

Implant supported replacement teeth have a high success rate after two decades, and many patients are able to maintain their flawlessly repaired smile for the rest of their lives.

Can Dental Implants Fail?

Many patients hear horror stories about dental implant failure. While this is a possibility, it’s extremely rare. With detailed planning prior to placement and appropriate oral health care after implantation, a dental implant supported replacement tooth or teeth has a 90 to 95% success rate after 20 years. This is compared to traditional tooth replacement options that need to be replaced every five to ten years.